Our Dairy

Our team work hard to make the products we all love. As with all dairies we adhere to strict hygiene requirements and use traditional processes to make our cheeses, yogurts and other products.

It is our joy to work with the high quality milk that our buffalo produce. Buffalo milk is pure white, fine and silky. Being naturally homogenised, it does not separate so remains creamy throughout.

Buffalo milk is highly nutritious and packs more nutrients and calories per serving than cows milk. It has more protein, fat, and lactose than whole cow’s milk and can often be tolerated much better than A1 cows milk.

The decision to invest in a De Lavall robot helps us maintain very clean milk testing results. Using consistently high quality milk allows us to produce our exquisite cheeses each time, every time.

We focus mainly on Italian Stretched cheeses including Mozzarella, Stracciatella, Burrata, Scamorza, Provalone and Cacciocavallo.

Our range is further extended by the introduction of our own unique take on traditional cheeses from other countries, such as Halloumi, Camembert and Havarti.

You can view our product range here – Our Products.