Wairiri Buffalo Farm – Glenroy, Canterbury

Wairiri Buffalo

Wairiri Buffalo is home to Italian Water Buffalo, Pukeko, Heron and dedicated people committed to sustainable and symbiotic living with the land.

This 100 acre farm, encompasses a 40 acre native forest and wetland reserve that has remained unchanged for thousands of years.
The buffalo enjoy our climate here and with their large cloven hooves, their weight is naturally spread, allowing them not to pug the delicate soils.

The Wairiri Stream and wetlands are fenced and planted to filter runoff from our small grazing areas. The buffalo graze freely and our herd size is kept sustainable to the land that supports it.

Our philosophy is to live in harmony with the land, to care and nurture it, our goal is to be a worldwide exemplar of sustainable agriculture. We are totally organic, the buffalo are free grazing and winter feed is harvested from our farm.

We use Biodegradeable and reusable packaging wherever possible and as finances allow we will integrate Solar energy to further minimise our impact on the environment.

The herd size is determined by a number that is natural for the herd as well as sustainable for all involved. High-quality living is our priority, rather than being product quantity driven.

“Love this yoghurt. Thick creamy and natural, wouldn’t buy anything else”. 
Juanita Richards

“Lovely mozzarella, feta, Camembert, and outstanding yoghurt. Beautiful people and amazing dairy.”
Karina Sandweg

“Been buying the yoghurt for my mother who is lactose intolerant. She loves it and for me, it’s the mozzarella and ricotta. Just love it.”
Veronica Beever 


“Got the halloumi from the Farmers Market – SO GOOD!!!”
Kate Robson

“Lovely cheeses, offers a variety of fresh Italian and other cheese. Fresh Buffalo Milk also available. Friendly service”.
Yolande De Villiers Ruiters

“Best buffalo mozzarellas, stracciatella, and caciocavallo outside of Italy! The quality of the products is outstanding as outstanding is the passion and love Lucy and her husband put in the work they do every day!”
Ma Nu

“Tasty yoghurt!! Super creamy, thick and smooth with a clean taste. Just wonderful!”
Merine Dumte