Wairiri Buffalo - Canterbury, NZ

The Buffalo

Wairiri Water Buffalo are Italian lineage and came to us via a small import of Buffalo from Melbourne in 2008 and some swamp buffalo and from pure bred Riverine Buffalo as a result of a work from the late Andre Frontin-Rollett who put much of his life savings to start a buffalo industry here in NZ.

We used swamp buffalo from him as our base stock and used pure bred Italian bulls over these for 8 generations, giving us what we believe to be the purest Italian Water Buffalo herd in NZ. We continue to introduce Italian Milking genetics into the herd with AI.

The Buffalo are gentle beings. They are full of character and very intelligent having not been bred solely for docility and high milk volumes. They are very healthy and have virtually no health issues. The calves live close to the mothers and each animal is know by name.

Cows names: Daria, Lila, Mila, Rubina, Terra, Steph, Daisy, …..

Wairiri Water Buffalo